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Nanfeng Nuo Dance

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     Nuo is the integration of multi religious culture, folk culture and art culture, origin and its ancestors nature worship, totem worship and witchcraft. Records from the myth and the pre Qin literature, the Central Plains area of Nuo born of the Yellow Emperor, formed in the Xia and Shang dynasties. Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" has a history of two thousand years, the general performance in the Lunar New Year's thirty to twenty month period.
     Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" variety, rich connotation, mainly including Nuo ceremony, jump, jump, dress show Nuo Nuo Nuo dance music, Nuo Nuo instruments, customs, legends and so jump. "Jump by Nuo Nuo ceremony - - - jumping exorcisement flooding and block the basic program structure, drive the epidemic is part of the core of the nuo. Miscellaneous Nuo ritual of "jumping youth" and "hop hop" and "dance betsien" three ceremony.
     Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" show rich and colorful, form a ghost by disease, pray Najib, martial arts, secular life and legend of Ballet Series and more than 120 in total Nuo opera, "jumping exorcisement" dance entertainment program is to retain the most, 82, lost and not jump more than more than and 30 programs. The mask is the important feature of "Nanfeng jumping exorcisement", the Nuo is the carrier of ghosts, Nuo dance in the role of the dress is in. Nanfeng Nuo mask called "Saint", also called "gods" and "sacred", "Bodhisattva", "master" and "helmet", "face a shell" and "shell", different title and change, reflecting the Nuo from sacred to secular history.
     Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" mask shapes, thousand volume condition, with flooding and gods, the folk God, Buddhism, immortal hero, demon animal, secular figures of more than 180, but the quality of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the "Cultural Revolution" burned, the existing 120 kinds of mask is the "Cultural Revolution" in the new and old artists copy the lost and the loss of more than 60 kinds of mask.
     Nanfeng Nuo music retains the "music of God" and "drum drive disease" and "Lesong God" of the ritual music system based on inheriting the ancient Nuo Nuo dance music music, folk music and opera music and absorption with great development. Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" dress hand keep the ancient Nuo "Chi Ze", "Zhu sang", "green Taogou clothing" (Green sleeves) a hand, and the development of the Song Dynasty "embroidered clothing color Nuo" features, it also absorbs the costume dramas of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Nuo clothing more bright and colorful, become Nanfeng a part of Nuo culture.
     Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" in the magic props, some penetration of ancient witchcraft consciousness, some reflect ancient civilization etiquette, some reflect the changes in the social life, is also a part of Nanfeng Nuo culture. Nuo Nuo has five categories: Army, ritual instruments, weapons with candle gun rod, food offerings, life appliances.
     Nanfeng Nuo "jump" Customs includes three aspects of material, social customs, folk Nuo Nuo Nuo culture and spirit, people and life, for the purpose of evil and najib.Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" spread many stories, a story, the story of God Nuo Nuo masks, Nuo artists legend, legend, and childhood stories and legends and other dozens of major. In addition, the word of God Nuo Temple couplets, poems of praise is also a lot of spell talisman.
     Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" class is numerous, the following 17 aspects: Sand Village, village god Nuo Nuo Gan, Shi You Nan Bao Cun Cun Xiang Nuo Nuo, swim, Luo Jiabao, ancient Nuo Zhou Jia Bao Cun Wu Nuo Nuo, New South, orchard village, young Fang Nuo dance Nuo, Xin Tian Cun Geng Xi Cun Zhu Ma Nuo opera, jump, jump, Xishan village youth dance betsien, Shi Hu Cun Zhong He Cun Xian Shui Bei Cun, jump ten hop hop hop hop, three village, village dance lion found oasis.
     Nanfeng "jumping exorcisement" has a history of two thousand years, in the long-term development and evolution, integration of anthropology, sociology, history, religion, ethnology, folklore, drama, dance, aesthetics and other disciplines.