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In 2016, the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu a

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    On December 23, 2015, the standing committee of the municipal party committee, propaganda minister Huang Yujian han and tang dynasties grand ceremony, vice mayor Liu Ju jiao heard Beijing culture communication co., LTD. About 2016 report the death of tang xianzu's 400th anniversary event planning scheme. Festival culture communication co., LTD., Beijing han and tang dynasties points prelude, mark part, communication part three plates, to around 2016 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu activities related to the report. After the briefing, Huang Yujian secretary, vice mayor Liu Ju jiao, respectively. Minister huang affirmed the planning design of new ideas, points out that plans to form a series of solutions, to many years of sustained, form the promotional benefits. Liu Ju jiao vice mayor pointed out that must through holding memorial activities, to promote the development of fuzhou cultural tourism. Xia Jun deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department, the city cultural radio and television news and publication Tan Yuying director at the briefing.