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Huang Yujian to Beijing for the 400th anniversary of the dea

Time:2017-01-04 15:14Sources:未知 Click: Frequency
    Solstice 25 January 27, 2016 in fuzhou city municipal committee, publicity minister comrade Huang Yujian rate Wen Guangxin radio and television bureau, city comrade to China art research institute visited the wen-zhang wang director and deputy President of Chinese opera institute, Chinese opera, tang xianzu research branch President and "soup" the authority yu-de zhou Sir, to introduce them to the "international research center of fuzhou tang xianzu" the relevant situations of the preparation, and listen to them to set up "fuzhou tang xianzu international research center"; To CCTV "hundred interviews", "city 1 + 1" group of fuzhou docking activities to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu heralded job, got the two columns CCTV set of support.