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Linchuan culture bloom on the world stage.

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    Many guests, guests gathered. Floats through during the day, night lights are varied. Fuzhou in September, became a joyful sea, everywhere around culture breath, the street, with tang xianzu and Shakespeare, and Cervantes faces flag flies; In the venue, the guests from home and abroad, experts talk about "when tang xianzu in Shakespeare"; On the stage, all kinds of the tune of "linchuan four dreams" beltway...

    Over the years, linchuan culture not be attention of the world as it is today. Art is no national boundaries of language in the world, and now, with the "Oriental Shakespeare" tang xianzu the world business CARDS, linchuan culture abroad confidently, visit to the UK, Spain, the United States, and Shakespeare, and Cervantes both with soup weng weng contemporary masters "please go back to" soup hometown fuzhou, make the Chinese traditional culture and western culture communication, collision, make the linchuan culture on the world cultural stage blossom extraordinary splendour.

    This year marks the 400th anniversary of the three masters died of special year. Last October, when the chairman xi jinping visit to Britain, proposed to commemorate the 400th anniversary of tang xianzu and Shakespeare died together. In fuzhou, tang xianzu's hometown people full of passion and respect, and earlier this year began to memorial activities, activities of stage from fuzhou extended to Beijing, more extended to Britain, the United States, Spain, Australia and other countries; Activity is rich and colorful, in the form of drama performance, intangible, BBS discussion, hometown of float parade, soup and searches for his trip, soup culture of expert investigation and let a person too many things to see, until the end of September, commemorative activities into the climax...

    Light soup weng business CARDS, singing the Oriental culture in the world stage
    Tang xianzu, Shakespeare, and Cervantes the classics of the three giants, is a common cultural heritage of the people all over the world. Celebrated 400 years after the death of the three masters, but also the United Nations launched worldwide.

    To do with internationalized vision commemorative activities, on the world stage show linchuan culture profound culture with unique charm, under the unremitting efforts of fuzhou, from the ministry of culture, the Chinese people's association for friendship with foreign countries to jiangxi province government to actively support, to organize and participate in, tang xianzu and Shakespeare, and Cervantes drama lovers all over the world also in commemoration of), together.

    At the beginning of fuzhou city government, the overseas and ethnic Chinese association in silicon valley in the silicon valley jointly organized the "memory of tang xianzu, sets up day symposium". At present, the silicon valley tang xianzu is under the memorial;

    In April, and China jul.21st Stratford in Britain hosted the "seminar jointly commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu and Shakespeare and 'fuzhou culture week", this is the first time that fuzhou city culture week activities abroad, a total of 10 performances, exhibition 5 days. Tens of thousands of British viewers to stop, be GanJu, fuzhou tea-picking drama, nan fung nuo dance, such as gold creek hand lion extremely has the characteristics of jiangxi culture deeply attracted.

    In may, the Chinese embassy in Spain held in Spain Confucius institute "to commemorate the Cervantes and the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu lecture" and other activities;

    On September 8, "' dialogue across space and time, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu and Shakespeare exhibition opens in the Chinese culture center in Sydney, Australia.

    Activity center in fuzhou atmosphere is meant, of course, desirable soup hometown of weng also known as, open up and accept the inspection of the world.

    September 24 to 25, fuzhou peak BBS site. Theory of "the peony pavilion" and "romeo and Juliet" motif of the nature of different gay "" complete recovery play: tang xianzu and Shakespeare's dialogue"... Weng researchers from home and abroad more than 300 soup, soup with Shakespeare's drama and weng influence launched a heated discussion;

    The morning of September 25th, linchuan an auditorium. The students not only in native singing on the original "the peony pavilion" adaptation, also deduced Shakespeare's classic play in English "a midsummer night's dream". In the face of the children's performance, the British embassy in China regional cooperation counsellor rock and other foreign guests standing ovation. This is by the British consulate general in guangzhou and fuzhou municipal government jointly sponsored "when Shakespeare met tang xianzu" of cultural exchange activities; After the performance, the fuzhou city with the Stratford district signed a "memorandum" to further strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation relations, encourage mutual research institutions to strengthen the study of tang xianzu and Shakespeare and his works of exchanges and cooperation, are derived from the other two in education, tourism, cultural performances, such as various exchanges and cooperation.

    In the evening of 25 September, donghua university auditorium. A group of British modern youth in rehearsal adaptation while the south ko, touch with the modern, exotic taste soup weng of the world, to feel the ancient Chinese culture. From the university of Leeds experimental drama "dream nan ke" with unique Angle of view attracting Chinese and foreign audience. From Cervantes hometown al Carla's Spanish friends show enthusiastic flamenco dance "ink and heel", has brought the Cervantes characteristics of thinking and creative breath...
    Concentrated commemorative activities attracted from Chile, Spain, Britain, the United States, Thailand, countries such as Ecuador, djibouti, embassies and consulates in China officials, experts, scholars and the local people more than 6000 people, the fuzhou cultural cooperation towards from one-way to two-way communication, dialogue from personnel exchanges to a higher level of cultural cooperation.

    Fuzhou municipal party committee secretary XiaoYi was filled with pride: "using the common memory of tang xianzu and Shakespeare activities, carry out cultural exchanges, truly the tang xianzu to the world, opened a new chapter to the fuzhou city cultural exchanges with foreign, explores the use of fine traditional culture of good Chinese story to the world a new way."

    In drama, for nuclear, moved towards the national famous historical and cultural city and China play

Linchuan culture is the origin of jiangxi culture culture, not ring linchuan culture called for so long, how to change this situation? Fuzhou loudly put forward the objective to create the national famous historical and cultural city of breakthrough was chosen in 400 anniversary of tang xianzu's death. Tang xianzu is the world of linchuan culture business CARDS, commemoration sounded the horn of the revitalization of linchuan culture.

    Fuzhou city this year set up tang xianzu centers for international studies, started the site, tang xianzu international research center published the "tang xianzu research periodicals", distinguished yu-de zhou, chang-hai ye, and so on 10 domestic famous soup studies scholars for the honor of researcher, make soup weng research by short-term activities into long-term behavior.
    Opened on September 24, 2016 China fuzhou peak performance and international academic BBS, tang xianzu dramas become involved in the domestic in recent years, most research field and the squad the strongest soup weng study BBS, a wave of "soup opera" boom "soup", to show the world the charm of soup to learn play.

    In addition to making a research of tang xianzu and research base, fuzhou to held the third China (fuzhou) tang xianzu festival as a turning point, in sequence number from home and abroad to work of tang xianzu "linchuan four dreams" as the theme of the play, intends to fuzhou into a script creation, rehearsals, performances, the theatre, PingXi the never ending of Chinese drama. Local focus to build xiangyin version of "linchuan four dreams", the musical "tang xianzu, of the university of Leeds may bring drama" south ko, zhejiang XiaoBaiHua of yue yue opera version of the peony pavilion, jiangxi jiangxi theatre GanJu version of the handan ji... Different country, different forms, different spoke, to transfer and carry forward the soup weng colorful culture.

    In the aspect of the film and television, fuzhou with the aid of diversified and multi-level communication platform, raise public awareness of linchuan culture. Through the television series "the peony pavilion", CCTV "urban one-on-one" national treasure "the archives of forms, such as introduction of tang xianzu and linchuan culture all over the world.

    Fuzhou is a history and cultural heritage of the city, is also a city livable appropriate industry modernization. In urban construction, the local government pays attention to the integration of historical and cultural elements. Covers an area of 1000 acres of celebrity sculpture garden, city center in full renovation of historical and cultural blocks in wenchang, caresses river miles sight light show, says dream garden theme park and so on have materialized carrier of linchuan culture. Can now go to fuzhou, white water rafting lacus somniorum, dream island, to the falls du liniang and sculpture centered "square" love, appreciate and love, life and death dependent love...

    As a less developed areas in economy, fuzhou is not little, but to look for own advantage backwardness in economy under the new normal, that is advantageous ecological advantages and heavy linchuan culture. Fuzhou caresses river ecological restoration is to play a leading role, first ShiFan lead the ecological civilization construction in the whole province. The rise of green is the key to build a green industrial system, upgrade traditional industries development, cultural creativity, leisure tourism, traditional Chinese medicine, health preservation and modern logistics, digital economy and so on six big strategic emerging industries are booming.

    Fuzhou to implement green rise, already cannot leave others walk path, can't go more developed areas through the detours, the most realistic approach is by means of scientific and technological innovation and modern finance two wings, the fuzhou successively with fudan university, Chinese academy of sciences and so on more than 150 colleges and universities, scientific research institutions to carry out cooperation, thirst for talent and technology to make a batch of high and new projects in their homes; All-optical networks, cloud computing center city industrial park and large data, such as a large project is to build the new pattern of the information industry.

    Lake castle in the spring, such as the sea, fuzhou more tomorrow.