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South Korea "to commemorate 400 years after the death of lit

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By suzhou, jiangsu province, deputy director of wang fang on kunqu opera gestures

    International online report (reporter Yang Ning) : on September 3, by the by suzhou, jiangsu province, deputy director of wang fang and tsinghua university associate professor of college of humanities Chen Weipeng jointly on the live transmission of kunqu opera lecture the Chinese culture center successfully held in Seoul, officially launched "to commemorate 400 years after the death of literary giants tang xianzu" series of cultural activities.
    Cultural counsellor and the Chinese embassy in South Korea Seoul Shi Ruilin, director of the center for Chinese cultural center Sun Yan, hanyang university Chinese department professor Wu Xiuqing, deputy director of the national central university Chinese department professor male authority and so on more than South Korea university expert on the research of Chinese culture, China and South Korea cultural exchange, head of the agency and the Chinese culture lovers more than 120 people attended the event.
    Associate professor of the lecture, Chen Weipeng first of all, the author introduces the characteristics of Chinese opera from the perspective of the overall, tang xianzu's life story and his masterpiece "the peony pavilion", south Korean audience preliminary understanding the background knowledge necessary to appreciate kunqu opera. Later, wang fang by elegantly, vice President of the kunqu opera still vivid and intuitive, does not match with the kunqu opera movements and singing demonstrate, to the audience interpretation division and mutual appreciation kunqu opera performances, covering by suzhou inherited the tradition, "four work" (playing) sing pronounced, "five" (hand-eye step id), etc.
    In order to enable the audience to experience the charm of art of kunqu opera, from jiangsu province by suzhou two young actor is a live performance of the kunqu opera the peony pavilion. Actors and graceful body appearance, vivid expression, of singing, a debut was deeply seizes the attention of audience, wonderful deduce that the audience couldn't help out his phone and video.
    After the lecture, the audience said the speech is very interesting, in the form of the combination of also facilitate their understanding of kunqu opera. There are a lot of the audience had never heard of kunqu opera, this lecture is to broaden their horizons, also deepen their understanding of Chinese drama, but also make them more looking forward to the next is holding the kunqu opera the peony pavilion.
    The day's lecture is "to commemorate 400 years after the death of literary giants tang xianzu" series of activities of the first activity, the series of activities designed to introduce tang xianzu spirit of humanistic ideas, context and Chinese drama artistic achievement, to expand the influence of tang xianzu and Chinese drama art. Next week, the organizers will also be held in South Korea hanyang university lecture, 1 in sejong cultural hall, daejeon municipal YanTing Chinese courtyard and the theory of mountain culture art hall held 4 kunqu opera performances, respectively.
    "To commemorate 400 years after the death of literary giants tang xianzu" series of activities organized by China's ministry of culture, the Chinese embassy in South Korea, Seoul, the Chinese culture center, by suzhou in jiangsu province and Beijing wind dynamic digital music culture communication co., LTD., to undertake, the field theory of wide-area municipal government, mountain city, the field hospital, hanyang university Chinese department of Chinese culture, South Korea, in collaboration with the dramatics society and Chinese opera in South Korea.