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'The kunqu art ceremony' had been first publish in Beijing

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    Xinhua News Agency Beijing on December 13 (reporter zhou wei) as listed in the national "11th five-year plan" period cultural development plan outline published an important cultural heritage protection project, the "ceremony of kunqu opera art consists of more than hundreds of experts and scholars at home and abroad after more than ten years' hard finishing compiled, eventually appears in the results of monumental work 149 volumes in front of the readers. 13, the kunqu art ceremony in Beijing, which nearly cultural figures to witness the event.
    China's kunqu opera in 2001 by the UNESCO announced the first human oral and non-material cultural heritage masterpiece. For the better research, protection and inheritance of kunqu art, in 2004, China academy of art started compiling engineering kunqu art ceremony, then China art research institute, doctoral supervisor wen-zhang wang served as chief editor, Zhou Weishi, han-cheng guo, Liu Housheng, Gu Duhuang served as general counsel. The project by The Times publishing media co., LTD. And anhui literature and art publishing house.
    "Ceremony of kunqu opera art content received the six hundred years since the middle period of Ming dynasty plays the most important text documents, spectral recording documents, images, audio and video information literature, kunqu opera tradition of cultural relics and so on. Among them, the Ming and qing dynasties and modern theory books about kunqu art, historical documents, such as spectrum recorded literature is the most important content. All the standard layout of about 90.05 million words, including more than 2230 words, compiled text documents photocopied documents 396 (sets) of more than 396 surface, pictures of more than 6000, recording more than 120 hours, video more than 400 hours. 149 books published, including the history theory standard 15 copies, the literary play Canon "14 volumes, the performance standard of 36 volumes," music festival "73 copies," the fine arts festival "8 volumes, the audio and video integration 2 copies (including a set of audio-visual hard disk), 1 copies of" index ".
    Kunqu art ceremony "break through the traditional integration type books compiled form, the help text, audio and video data, a variety of forms such as images, three-dimensional image, multi-level, many side introduction to China's kunqu opera art in stage performances, traditional aspects such as cultural and historical heritage; At the same time, the maximum of collecting, sorting all kinds of kunqu opera literature, some versions of literature is not only used for the first time, and some content is the first time being integrity into kunqu inheritance, protection and finishing, the research category, such as photocopying has long been a hidden in the hand of the artist's figure spectrum, etc., to expand the connotation of kunqu opera as the content of the stage arts provides a solid literature foundation.
    The ceremony, held on the day of the kunqu opera art festival on high appraisal from experts and scholars, thought it was the largest so far to China's kunqu opera art, the protection of the most comprehensive and scientific system, sorting and research, the "unprecedented, after qi" future cultural projects, for the protection, inheriting Chinese non-material cultural heritage has composed a colorful chapter. As UNESCO director-general irina brocade Eva said in published remarks, "ceremony of kunqu opera art not only in terms of kunqu opera preservation and inheritance of cultural heritage has irreplaceable value, the compilation and publication of itself, as well as within the scope of intangible cultural heritage in the international protection made a demonstration example.