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Tang Xianzu is going to the world

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     As early as 2001 on May 18, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) in Paris announced the first batch of "human oral and non-material heritage representative work list", including "the peony pavilion" as the representative program of kunqu opera art. In 2010, China's intangible cultural heritage protection center director is associated with the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization has started to discuss memorial soup weng, Shakespeare and the possibility of saiweng. In 2012, the author in the guangming daily, published "how to commemorate world cultural giant tang xianzu" long. In 2016, as the world famous drama and literary master the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu, Shakespeare, and Cervantes. Different country, karma is differ, the three master can't born in the same year, but chose the same to the kingdom of heaven. With their stay in the human drama and fiction, they have to the world. Nowadays, people love drama and literature in the world, are paying close attention to their company.
     On October 21, 2015, President xi jinping in London city hall entitled "forward open inclusive altogether promote peaceful development" of the important speech, in his speech, Mr Xi mentioned many times, chairman of the Chinese and British famous literary works and writers. Xi jinping, the chairman playwright tang xianzu in Ming dynasty of China was known as the "Oriental Shakespeare", his creation of the peony pavilion "purple hair pin down the south ke ji" handan ji "wait for drama is famous in the world. Tang xianzu was contemporary with Shakespeare, both of them died in 1616. Next year is 400 years after the death of them. "The Chinese and British common to commemorate these two literary giants, to promote exchanges, deepen mutual understanding between our two peoples."
    In January of this year, Shanghai has hosted the "tang xianzu set all compiled" and "tang xianzu research of biology release and seminar. In fact the novel Don Quixote renowned Cervantes, drama creation in Spain had all the rage. Only his novel fame is too large, future generations have forgotten his contributions on a drama script. But the people of the world and theatre all remember him, this year, China, Britain and Spain will collaborate to carry out a series of cultural exchange and commemorative activities. Spain's national library and other units will be held for a global series of commemorative activities. Tang xianzu's hometown of fuzhou, this year will be signed with AErKaLa sister city agreement. Two of the world cultural master home holding hands and spirit, tang xianzu and Cervantes in heaven will also feel gratified.
    TangXianau and Shakespeare, is famous for his play in the world. So they go together and show more opportunities to play some, will reach the highest peak in the history of this year.