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Fuzhou city of jiangxi province in tang xianzu museum of cul

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In fuzhou style heyday, MingXian assemble, Ming drama master tang xianzu as an excellent representative of linchuan culture breed, with its breathtaking in the talents for the world leave unitv poetry and on behalf of the Chinese opera creation peak immortal classics "linchuan four dreams" (" the peony pavilion ", "south ke ji", "purple hair pin down", "handan ji" es), his opera achievements not only for our country's added a brilliant page history of opera, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in 2000, also will be the world's one hundred cultural celebrities, tang xianzu read large artificial, be lifted up in world cultural community of a monument.2016 tang xianzu and Shakespeare, and Cervantes 400 years after the death of the three cultural giants, zhuhai will hold grand activities to commemorate the east tang xianzu, fuzhou for the event, to carry forward the Chinese civilization, and further improve the image of the city and do work well tang xianzu big articles, tang xianzu memorial hall in 2014 to upgrade the project as a central city key engineering projects. Tang xianzu was born in fuzhou, but his opera art, literature, personality spirit is of a nation, is also the world, to enrich the new display, improve Chen Zhan grade, all-round, multi-angle to show the world the tang xianzu the opera master, fuzhou tang xianzu museum open to the society to collect the related to his cultural relics, historical data and collecting clues, to obtain the social from all walks of life to give strong support!
Collecting range:
1, focus on collecting and tang xianzu and its work related to cultural relics, ancient signet and handwritten inscriptions in the drama scripts, words, painting, sculpture, the implements of the life period, etc.), materials (books, book history, calligraphy and painting, picture, image data; academic activities, performances of propaganda materials, newspapers and magazines, etc.);
2, associated with soup weng drama clothing, props, accompaniment instruments stage gear.
3, in different periods, and drama activities related to cultural relics, historical data
Collecting methods and requirements
1, take the solicitation for individuals or units, groups such as donation, acquisition, use, copy form. Voluntary contributions as the main way of cultural relics, historical data, please expert appraisal, according to the appraisal result and the buyer will, deal with relevant formalities, and to hold a party donation certificate. Cultural relics, historical data is used to display display indicate the donor's name (or set up shop), users who want to cultural relics, historical data are used to provide exhibition, all the ownership holder, finished with my pavilion is responsible for the same return, if you want to buy, reproduction of cultural relics, the equal consultations with legitimate holders of cultural relics, according to the relevant provisions of the contributive buy, copy.
2, the collection of cultural relics is given priority to with real or original, there are difficult, can collect physical, replica of the historical data; Provide party a material object, the historical data (or pictures) and I pavilion, cultural relics and historical information (such as the origin, name, age, etc.); Please attach pictures, photos and images the time and place, matters, relevant personnel information such as name, position, or occupation)
3, precious cultural relics, historical inconvenience to send, can call contact related staff, collecting unit will send someone to receive.
Collecting time:
Cultural relics collection is my pavilion a long-term work, the above collection way began in December 2014, and effective for a long time.
To the collection of cultural relics, historical data, we will one by one, identification, registration, archiving, and collection certificate, welcome each session of enthusiasm to participate in this activity, for everyone's support, I thank pavilion!
Hereby announcement
Contact people:RaoFang,WangZhenBo
Contact phone number:0794——8220366;0794——8221475
Zip code: 344000
Contact address: fuzhou city of jiangxi province in tang xianzu memorial (wenchang road no. 1325)