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The glory of Tang Xianzu

Time:2017-01-04 17:16Sources:未知 Click: Frequency
Love into dreams and dreams into play, Yu Ming Tang master Tang Xianzu has gone through 67 years of drama dream life.
In 2016, is an unusual year. One of the great thing is that the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu. In 400, lap times change, LingTi valley. The history of the vicissitudes of life Hong hole and dreamlike ruthless and erosion, dim honestly how much worldly things that ordinary humble cottage as dusty and huts, such as the imperial crown of mace and distinguished majesty. But a person plaint, tang xianzu the then a dime a dozen in the seven county magistrate, but be remembered in the history of the waves elutriation constantly back to admire, with contemporary of Shakespeare, they become, reflect the literary giant of both at home and abroad, by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization evaluation is one of hundreds of international celebrity; He amateur's "linchuan four dreams", with beautiful words build up love classic world, depravity and rage from carnival deep Ming empire, through the late Chinese feudal age the dark tunnel of walls bright hair becomes a wisp of energetic human nature ray, a deep natural spiritual strength, is the new.
In short,Tang xianzu owing love to dream, by dreams, with his great book paints a broad picture of the late Ming dynasty society, he severely criticized the reality of ugly, pointedly exposes the dark officialdom, for salvation is put forward and try to practice constantly, trying to find his own ideal society: social justice and human right, moral and spiritual exploration, love freedom and happy marriage. His play dream life reflects his to affection, to the true, the good and the beautiful pursuit and yearning. Because of this, in the sphere of human civilization, tang xianzu, the text, to let the glory - regardless of the east and west, ancient and the present.