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In 2017, women's the birthplace of shaoxing opera will becom

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    Shaoxing shengzhou town in shaoxing opera has formally based. It is understood that the project is the provincial key construction of one of the three cultural town, with women's birthplace shengzhou shaoxing opera house openmindedness village as the core, the planning area of 3.68 square kilometers, is apart from shengzhou city 5 kilometers, plans a total investment of nearly 4 billion yuan.
    "Town to shaoxing opera as the soul, the tourism as the base, agriculture as the root" and "Chinese opera shrine, east China brigade new landmark 'positioning, according to the construction goal of 5 a grade scenic spot, through 3 years to 5 years of construction and operation, the town in shaoxing opera into a national opera drama art exchange experience new paradise, entrepreneurial innovation platform for the new cultural industry, cultural tourism agriculture integration in the development of new samples." Shengzhou municipal party committee secretary Sun Zhejun said it would push shaoxing opera town became the first town of Chinese opera.
How will the shaoxing construction town in shaoxing opera?
    "Take full advantage of rich resources of shaoxing opera, showers and mining town with 'area' as the main body, two rings, ten o 'clock." Shengzhou, the mayor of a town in shaoxing opera Yang Yue introduction, "area" in shan creek, relying on the cross-strait scenery, mei xiang garden construction, landscape green way, the more water rafting, etc., makes twirls culture landscape zone; "Two ring" is given priority to with dealership rapid ring, cycling and walking slowly ring; Mei xiang park, shaoxing opera "ten" is a construction ecological village, tourist service center, early shaoxing opera museum, shaoxing opera study center, blue city quality farm, greentown grassroots park, shaoxing opera the dream-seeker built small, pale rock lake amorous feelings street in the Ming and qing dynasties, li yue opera wen gen industrial park.
    Shaoxing opera town core project would start work in January 2017 was built. According to the previous guiding opinion on accelerating the construction of the characteristic town, shaoxing, will be in 3 years, cultivate the building town around 30 characteristics.