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Traditional opera not only to heritage, but also to spread

Time:2017-01-04 17:22Sources:未知 Click: Frequency
    "Traditional opera tradition to not only, more want to spread." 21 of the tenth month peak BBS, east famous stage opera experts and famous almost unanimously that view is put forward. "The charm of traditional drama of the opera is unique, why good things can't be more modern people know?" Huangmei opera masters, hubei drama art theatre director davids truth, "this is spread out of the problem, to some extent, spread even more important than inheritance, drama people not entertaining in their own circle of light narcissistic." Chinese literary critics association vice chairman MAO said: "communication is a very complicated system, the theatre troupes, play to establish interactive relationship, especially with today's young audience mind tacit understanding degree is set up benign interactive relationship."
    "Oriental famous drama" is the first national opera as the core of the domestic scale in a national art performance event, but at the beginning of the start, is not seen. East art is a new theatre, the geographical position is not dominant, held the east famous masters month every year 3, 4 months is off-season traditional performance. Addition of a few "bad" factors, but unexpectedly has created a high domestic drama performance. Says Lin Hongming, general manager of east arts, the peak season for those routes, off-season contrarian, "because of its low season around the opera troupes come more likely, in the off-season opera performances together into scale operation, but also to cause the parties concerned, be the highlight of the performance market."
    Famous masters month period in the east of the audience survey, have never seen the drama of the "new audiences," in 2008 accounted for two-thirds of; Think of opera "very good" (45%), think "good" (41%), combined by 86%; Reflect the "general" of 13%, say "don't understand" only 1%. In view of the "new audiences" more realistic, "month" Oriental masters stage is given priority to, and inheriting the traditional opera the innovation of new plays and inheritance, combining the modern expression new old play play, as the key and the introduction of a previously had not acted in a year of new operas, "qin, chu opera and hanchu opera successively with shen spectators, the tenth is the henan opera has been innovating in the next year.