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Hunan Chenzhou staged version of "the Peony Pavilion" of Tia

Time:2017-01-04 17:28Sources:未知 Click: Frequency
   This net - According to a new general figure: a few days ago, the day is sweet, peony pavilion by the chenzhou city of hunan province. Plum blossom prize winner LeiLing and outstanding young actor fu-wen wang deduce the love story of 600 years ago.
   The peony pavilion is the most famous play, tang xianzu created day sweet version of "peony pavilion" taking in "today". The play by kunqu opera master said hui bead, he to the disciple Zhang Xun peng, CAI ZhengRen, again by Zhang Xun peng, CAI ZhengRen to chief of hunan province. Of du liniang by hunan province chief LeiLing play, plum blossom prize winner, liu mengmei played by CAI ZhengRen disciple fu-wen wang. In addition to the three stars, and the judge, flora, imp, Taoist stone, such as role, complete business, from hunan province chief young actors.
It is understood that marks the 400th anniversary of the Ming dynasty playwright tang xianzu's death in 2016, chief of hunan province in May 3 - launched "small pink, man ting fang" beautiful chenzhou said the special reward kunqu opera performances in memory.