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Kunming bo "Tang Xianzu and Kunqu opera" exhibition held sem

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    This net - This year, according to the gusu evening news is their tang xianzu in Ming dynasty (1550-1616), the four hundredth anniversary of the death. On May 28, the museum of Chinese kunqu opera "tang xianzu and kunqu opera: the most beautiful meet late Ming jiangnan" special exhibition opening. At the same time, where scholars from many colleges and universities and research institutions together, to participate in organized by China's kunqu opera museum "tang xianzu and kunqu opera" academic seminar.
    Tang xianzu (1550-1616), flaming of the Ming dynasty, jiangxi linchuan people, its in the peony pavilion is the most famous drama works, otherwise the "handan" purple hair pin ji "nan ke ji zi xiao ji, before 3 and the peony pavilion called" yu mingyuan hall four dreams "or" linchuan four dreams ". With Shakespeare, towne life s has a reputation of "Oriental Shakespeare".
    The museum of Chinese kunqu opera "tang xianzu and kunqu opera, the most beautiful meet late Ming jiangnan" special exhibition in tang xianzu yu mingyuan hall four dream as the main content, highlight the dominant position of "the peony pavilion", in which women are keen on the deeds of the peony pavilion to increase the exhibition of the story, and narrative tang xianzu and three other dreams in order to increase the integrity of the exhibition. Throughout the show with "four dreams" as the main line, present the tang xianzu's art life, and the "four dreams" as the starting point, tang xianzu and kunqu opera, and the century of jiangnan encounters.
    Held in the same day, "tang xianzu and kunqu opera" academic seminar, professor Zhu Dong lam of suzhou university titled "tang xianzu plays in contemporary kunqu opera stage (2011-2014)," the theme of the speech, the famous kunqu opera studies scholar gu leaf presided over the meeting, Shanghai university professor heng-fu zhu review. It is reported, the academic symposium for two days, mainly around the work of tang xianzu in jiangnan culture field of vision to accept such topic to discuss, study of tang xianzu and jiangnan culture, and is inseparable from the role relationship between kunqu opera.